Talking to family and friends about a hepatitis infection is important. Most people feel relieved and supported once they disclose their diagnosis to loved ones. However, the disclosure can be difficult for all involved. Some people associate hepatitis with drug use, sexual promiscuity and homosexuality. Unfortunately, these behaviors and situations are often stigmatized in the community. It is helpful to be ‘ready’ for the disclosure. Be ready emotionally-family and friends may need support to accept the diagnosis. Be ready with information- family and friends will be concerned and have questions. Not everyone needs to know about the infection. Before discussing a diagnosis of viral hepatitis with others, consider:

  • Why is it important to tell this person?

  • Am I ready and able to answer their questions about hepatitis?

  • Do I trust this person?

  • Have I disclosed other personal things to this person?

  • How did they react?

  • Am I prepared for the person’s reaction?

  • Am I afraid this person may hurt me?

Personal Disclosure