Hepatitis and Disclosure

A diagnosis of viral hepatitis can generate concern or even fear. The concerns and fears may be based on perceived or real consequences of a hepatitis diagnosis. A greater understanding of viral hepatitis can alleviate some fears. The information provided here was informed by the HCV Advocate, Americans with Disabilities Act documents, and participants of HepTREC’s support groups.

Before discussing a diagnosis of hepatitis, it is important to think about the potential impact of disclosure in personal and professional situations.

Common feelings include:

  • Fear of being treated differently

  • Fear of illness or dependency

  • Fear of infecting friends and family members

  • Fear of dying

  • Fear of having hepatitis infection documented in medical or employment records

  • Fear of denial for health or life insurance policies

  • Fear of losing employment

  • Fear of violence or emotional distress when telling a family member or intimate friend that they may have been put at risk.

For additional help in disclosing the diagnosis of hepatitis, click on the links below