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Leaders and students supporting HepTREC are always keeping busy!



HepTREC's Amy Jessop and Temple University's Sarah Bass initiated the use of perceptual mapping and vector modeling to identify HCV treatment initiation barriers and facilitators in methadone clients:  Creating and testing tailored messages to inform intervention development.


HepTREC performs an ongoing audit of infectious disease screening policies and practices in Philadelphia methadone maintenance centers and assessment of Prevention Point Philadelphia's Street Side Health Programs.


HepTREC's Amy Jessop and USciences' Tamar Klaiman and Janna Manjelievskia presented at the AASLD's Annual Liver Meeting:  A qualitative assessment of factors impacting adoption and implementation of USPSTF age-based hepatitis C virus screening.


HepTREC's Amy Jessop presented at American Public Health Association 2015 Annual Meeting & Expo:  Medical care experiences of people who use drugs:  Considerations for development of accessible services.


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Visit HepTREC at the following conferences this Fall


American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD)- The Liver Meeting


Presentations by Janna Manjeleivskaia and Amy Jessop


American Public Health Association (APHA)

- Annual Research Meeting


Presentations by Sarah Bass and Amy Jessop